Blog: To The Fans 2018

To The Fans,

I know it’s incredibly cliché in my line of work to say something along the lines of “I’d be nothing with out you all” or that I’m “overjoyed with appreciation for all the love that you give me” but to be completely honest, all of that is true. I know I’ve just pointed out a common thread & then doubled down on it but the truth is without you all I’m just a hobbiest. Without fans musicians, artists, songwriters, we’re just doing it for the enjoyment of ourselves. That’s not to say that at the end of the day a part of what I do isn’t because I love doing it, but without someone rooting us on we’re just voiceless sirens swimming in a sea of obscurity.

This year I put out a single, Jericho. As well as my first music video, also for Jericho. For both I was met with overwhelming love & support & that means the world. For those of you that don’t know, Jericho is a very dear piece of me, it is a remnant from a part of my life that I would most days rather forget. That being said the song brings me incredible joy because it is a reminder of just how far I’ve come. I wrote Jericho with Evan about five years ago in the middle of heartbreak, I didn’t realize just how much the song was my internal voice screaming out for the rest of me to hear until later, but I’m beyond appreciative of whatever voice in my head took the reigns that day. All of that being said, I put out Jericho, a deeply bedded part of my soul, and you showed it nothing but love. You latched onto it, shared common stories, gave my song meaning in your lives, & that right there is one of my absolute favorite parts of my job. I get to see the bridges of commonality that connect us all & suddenly this massive world seems very small.

In some ways I’m at a bit of a loss in how to express just how beautiful this last year has been for me; it’s been validation that I’ve been seeking for a long time. As people we are often our own worse critics & there have been a lot of days where I’ve feel talentless, like I should give up, find a day job, but I pushed on. I persevere. Maybe it’s because of how stubborn I am, but you have no idea how refreshing it is to have others join my daily mantra of self worth. To hear others tell you that you have talent, that you’re a part of the soundtrack to their lives, that they believe in you is something not everyone gets & I promise you I don’t take it for granted. I’m not seeking words of affirmation when I say these things, just know that I am forever grateful for the love you show me & the songs that are the pieces of my life.

I can’t wait for next year! I can’t wait to see what the bonds I’ve formed this year turn into & I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been cooking up! I’m beyond blessed to have the support of the team around me; my family, my friends, my manager, my producer, my year would have looked quite different without each of them. But to you, my fans, those who believe simply because of a song or a moment. Thank you! I hope I do you proud & I hope to meet each & every one of you on the road of life someday!