Recommendation Blog: Nashville Drink

This segment of my Nashville Recommendation Blog series will not only focus on Beverages, alcoholic or otherwise, but will also feature a few venues. As Nashville likes to marry the two quite often, music goes hand in hand with libations. Much like my other lists I will only be recommending places I have been. If I haven’t been there, I can’t recommend it in good conscience! This list will also evolve over time!


8th Ave:

  • 8th & Roast: Solid Pourover Coffee! Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  • The Basement: A quant little music venue below the Grimey’s record store! A good place to hear local or emerging talent!

  • Douglas Corner Cafe: Has been a staple in Nashville for years. An old dive, this is where Trisha Yearwood was discovered as was where Garth Brooks held his first Fan Fair Fest Fan showcase!

  • Santa’s Pub: Hugely famous karaoke bar in Nashville. Hella cheap beer & often a celebrity or two. Wear clothes you don’t mind having smell like cigarettes for the next eternity though…

  • Urban Juicer: Get your juice cleanse on. Time for the best hangover cure, The Liver Lover with added Ginger. The Bee Green & The Cold Buster are also great choices!

12th South:

  • Frothy Monkey: Monkey Mocha with Extra Banana! If you’re looking for something a little less sugary I recommend a Drip Coffee or Cold Brew with Rosemary Honey!

  • Mafiozo’s: Two for one Beer & Cider (Drafts & Bottles) as well as Pizza Slices every Tuesday Evening! Very much a Belmont/College crowd though. Always feel like an ancient going in there.


  • Alley Pub: Writer’s Rounds & Karaoke. People come from all over Nashville to hang with the Bellevue locals here!

  • Capital Coffee: Solid Cold Brew, is attached to Crumb de la Crumb so their Baked Goods are incredible!


  • Bongo Java: The sister coffee shop of Fido, great Seasonal Lattes & Food!

  • PM: Fun Asian twists on Classic Cocktails! The food is great drunk food as well!


  • Gray’s On Main: Have won several Craft Cocktail competitions! A great place to hang, grab a bite, & overlook Downtown Franklin!

Charlotte Pike/Silvan Park/The Nations

  • Avo: Vegan Cocktails. Famous for their Avocado Margarita!

  • Chaatable: Very unique Indian Fused Cocktails! Brunch menu has a few extra not always on the menu & Happy Hour features a "Beer of the Moment,” a “Wine of the Moment,” & a “Cocktail of the Moment!”


  • McNamara’s: Best Irish Coffee in town! In addition to that they feature Live Irish Folk music, incredible food, & a wide selection of imported Whiskies & Beers!


  • Beer Seller: Dive bar located under 2nd Avenue. A tad smoky but it’s one of the few “local hangs” in downtown Nashville. Huge beer selection as well!

  • Black Rabbit: Dark & Brooding, just like you in your early teens. Upscale Craft Cocktails & Shots w/ a menacing atmosphere.

  • Broadway Brewhouse: Locations all over Nashville! Hundreds of Beers on tap! I’d recommend one of the locations a bit farther out.

  • Crema: Two locations right across the street from each other. One is located in Pinewood Social, the other across the street. I prefer the Pinewood locations because of what they do with Coffee Cocktails! Both locations have a very good Cuban!

  • Drugstore Coffee: Located in the Noelle this Coffee Shop is a subsidiary of Barista Parlour! More of a grab & go feel than its parent company but still the same quality!

  • Fleet Street: Located in Printer’s Alley, a smoky little English Pub that boasts an extensive Import list from the British Isles as well as pretty solid food!

  • Flying Saucer: Hundreds upon hundreds of Draft Beers & Bottles. While a small chain, Flying Saucer prides itself on its variety of beer. Everything from your standards to an “Agua Fresca” infused beer. Food is incredible as well!

  • Hidden Bar: Located in the basement of the Noelle Hotel. Looks like you’re walking into a broom closet until it opens up! Really cool vibe! It becomes a Christmas themed bar for the month of December!

  • Honky-Tonk Central: Three stories tall, each with a different band! Introduced to Nashville before its explosion in popularity, it still retains some of the old Nashville charm while fusing in nicely with the new & over commercialized.

  • House Of Cards: Hidden under the Johnny Cash Museum is an Upscale Magic Bar. Stationed around the room are several types of magicians & illusionists. Fairly high dollar so bring your cash as well as your best duds; they have a dress code.

  • L27: Located on the 27th floor of the Weston Hotel! Kind of a Far East mysticism theme inside with a Cabana feel out by the pool.

  • Legends Corner: One of three great Honky-Tonks in a row. Legends, Tootsie’s, & Robert’s were all some of the originals. Usually have pretty solid bands as they’re the top notch spots to play on the strip.

  • Pinewood Social: A Bar meets a Restaurant meets a Bowling Alley meets a Coffee Shop meets a Pool meets a Karaoke Bar. Yes. All those things! Great food & drinks abound!

  • Robert’s Western World: The most Honky-Tonk of the major three, go get your yee-haw on!

  • Skull’s Rainbow Room: A Haunted Burlesque Jazz Bar located at the end of Printer’s Alley! Amazing food, especially their Lobster Bisque!

  • Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge: The middle of the major three Honky-Tonks, may know it from their Orchid colored stand in the airport (which just happens to have some pretty bomb chicken wings.)

East Nashville:

  • Attaboy: Knock to enter. No menu, staff makes you whatever you feel like drinking based on your taste!

  • Bar 308: Bad Taxidermy Animals set to a Live DJ, what else could you ever want? Really great cocktails, either packed or dead depending on the night. It’s really up the the flip of a coin which it’ll be though.

  • Beyond The Edge: A total Bro-y Sports Bar but a great place to play Pool!

  • Crying Wolf: Sometimes have a Folk/Americana or a Bluegrass Band! An awesome spot to hunker down with friends on the east side. Rustic feel, great drinks!

  • The Lipstick Lounge: While it is a Lesbian Bar don’t let it detour you (especially if you identify as Lesbian/Bi/Pan) this place is the jam! My favorite Karaoke Bar in Nashville for multiple reasons; the people are a blast, the atmosphere is fun, & there’s no smoke!

  • Red Door East: Way better than its Midtown counterpart. This is where a lot of the locals hang. Nothing frilly about it, just a good bar! Look through the floor.

  • Rosemary & Beauty Queen: Stained-Glass abounds! Cool drinks & atmosphere with an awesome outdoor seating area in the back!

  • Tree House: Also among one of the top rated restaurants in town the beauty of Tree House is that it’s open late! Think the actually tree house is currently undergoing renovations.


  • Edgehill Cafe: A great place to hang & get some work done, or have a meeting! Free refills on Drip Coffee but also some exceptional Seasonal Lattes!

  • Old Glory: Located in an old boiler room for a steam cleaner, Old Glory is the place I would choose to live when the apocalypse happens & zoning codes don’t matter anymore. Interesting Craft Cocktails & Empanadas are the highlight here aside from the location!


  • Tempered/The Green Hour: Coffee/Chocolate Shop by day, Absinthe Bar by night! A great place to try Absinthe if you never have, they do it right. If you’re not a fan of Absinthe they still offer many delicious cocktails Absinthe free! Also their truffles are bangin’!

  • The Back Corner: A cool bar/venue. Just wish they’d redo the sound system in there. It’s a bit impossible to hear a good mix from anywhere other than behind the bar. On nights they don’t have events it’s a bit of a dance party!

Green Hills:

  • Green House: A Bar set inside a literal green house! Perfect for winter when you want to feel like you’re outside but it’s too cold!

The Gulch:

  • Barista Parlour: Locations all over Nashville, not sure if this is the original location, but it is to me! Upscale coffee shop that believes coffee is an art & treat it as such! Also a great place to get some work done!

  • Killbrew Coffee: Located in the Thompson Hotel. Used to have a Matcha Piña Colada, not sure if that’s the case anymore. They also just have some pretty great Lattes!

  • L.A. Jackson: Located atop the Thompson. One of the most popular Rooftop Bars in Nashville! A little on the pricy side, but a cool place to hang never-the-less. Kinda 70s art deco feel! DJs on weekends.

  • The Pub: Wanna try some Scotch? This place has an extensive Scotch & Beer list. It’s where I developed my taste for the drink! Also have an incredible Pot Roast!

  • Rudy’s: Jazz Bar! Nightly performances, look at their website before hand to see what kind of Jazz you’re walking into!

  • Whiskey Kitchen: A popular local hang, be sure to try their Whiskey Sour!

  • Yazoo Brewery: The brewery itself does a Tasting Tour, but they also have an attached Tasting Room that offers limited batches of Nashville’s Favorite Beer!

Hillsboro Village:

  • Fido: Parent of Bongo Java, an awesome Coffee Shop to get some work done in or grab some food! Their Seasonal Lattes are always on point as well!

  • Revelator: More in line with the Artsy Coffee Shops, Revelator takes their time with your drink & it shows!


  • Kung Fu Saloon: Think a grown up Chuck-E-Cheese without the Prizes or Tokens! Popular spot for Celebrity Spotting.

  • Losers: The diveier sibling of Winners, never has packed. Always a more local crowd! Get a Bootwacker!

  • Patterson House: MY FAVORITE BAR IN NASHVILLE!!! Incredible Craft Cocktails, the menu changes seasonally. If you’re not sure what to order the staff is very helpful & knowledgeable. They also may have one of Nashville’s Best Burgers! Don’t skip it. Come with a small group of friends & honor the house rules!

  • Rebar: Construction themed bar with an extensive Outdoor Patio! Has all your standard Bar Games as well!

  • Tin Roof: The O.G. One side is a traditional bar with Live Music, the other has a DJ & a Dance Floor!

  • Two Bits: Barcade! This one has old consoles though so bring friends & come get your old school N64 Smash & Mario Kart on!

  • Winners: Mondays & Thursdays this place is packed for Whiskey Jam so come discover a band you might not know but probably should! Busy on weekends as well, during the day it’s a writer’s hangout!


  • Bastion: Best Negroni in town. I like the Donkey Kong Classic. Live Jazz band on the weekend. AMAZING NACHOS!

  • Corsair Distillery: Technically Wedgewood-Houston, Corsair is my favorite Distillery in town! Not just a Whiskey Distillery, Corsair also has won America’s Best Gin! Their distillery does tours with a tasting at the end as well as offering some pretty great cocktails at their bar!

West End/Church:

  • Canvas: Yes, it’s a Gay Bar but I think it has the best Dance Floor in Nashville! Plus their Jello Shots rock!

  • Tarboosh: Why not throw a hookah lounge on here! Takes me back to my college days! A great place to hang with friends & pass around a Hookah! Turkish Coffee is great here as well!