Blog: On Manchester

Where to start? I’ve been mulling over what I wanted to say all night, losing sleep trying to find my way through mental overload while carrying a heavy heart. With the world we live in injustice & hate seem to run so rampant at times it almost becomes deafening; the constant strain of one tragedy after another really wears you thin. But this evenings attack has really had an effect on me.

As an artist it is unfathomable for me to think of someone using music, something that unifies us in experience, in emotion, as a way to spread fear & hate. Music is truly one of the great unifiers. I cannot conceive of having people who love & appreciate the art that you create, come to revel in the connection that has been forged between you & them, just to have someone use it as a way to divide, harm, & spread hate & fear.

To the families & friends of those effected by last night’s tragedy, I am inconceivably sorry for the loss & harm that you find yourselves with today. I pray for each & every one of you.

To Manchester, I see the strength you carry & admire your willingness to put your lives on hold & help your fellow man.

To the emergency personnel on site, thank you for your readiness in service & professionalism in handling the situation.

To Ariana Grande, please don’t let this act deter you, do not let the attacker win. I know it may seem impossible but carry on, become a unifier. Continue the tour, spread joy across the world. Do not let them win.

We cannot let fear dictate our lives. Please continue going to concerts, please continue loving music, and most of all, please continue loving each other.

I love & pray for each & every one of you,